Canadian Recognized LEGO® User Groups (RLUGs)

Canadian Recognized LEGO® Fan Media (RLFM)

  • AshnFlash (YouTube Channel) LEGO news, set reviews, Top 10’s, Custom Minifigure Mondays, comparison videos, the occasional streams and of course – Custom Minifigure Series
  • BrickinNick (Twitch Channel) Creative LEGO Builder & Broadcaster on Twitch broadcasting live 4 days a week.
  • TheHiddenBlade01 (YouTube Channel) YouTube Content Creator focused on everything LEGO Gaming, but also makes videos/community posts showcasing upcoming sets, minifigures and more!
  • SwiftBricks (YouTube Channel) A huge Harry Potter, Stranger Things and Star Wars fan, and run the LEGO YouTube channel SwiftBricks. 
  • True North Bricks (Website) True North Bricks is a Canadian fan media blog all about the enjoyment of LEGO® bricks. *not currently recognized

LEGO® Conventions and Exhibitions


  • BrickCan – largest LEGO convention and public exhibition in Western Canada, held at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond (Vancouver), BC (Recognized AFOL Networking Event)
  • Brickspo – LEGO showcase held in Moose Jaw, SK hosted by SLUG and featuring talented builders from many LEGO User Groups across Western Canada
  • Bricks in the Six – largest LEGO convention and public exhibition in Eastern Canada, held in Toronto, ON

Western USA

  • BrickCon – massive LEGO convention and public exhibition in Seattle, WA (Recognized AFOL Networking Event)
  • Bricks Cascade – LEGO convention and public exhibition in Portland, OR
  • Bricks by the Bay – LEGO convention and public exhibition in Santa Clara, CA (Recognized AFOL Networking Event)
  • BricksLA – LEGO convention and public exhibition in Pasadena (Los Angeles), CA (Recognized AFOL Networking Event)
  • BrickSlopes – LEGO Fan Event Public EXPO in Sandy, Utah (Recognized AFOL Networking Event)

Helpful LEGO® Related Sites

General Information

  • LEGO Ambassador Network – Find LEGO Groups, Events and Community Information
  • LEGO Glossary – The Brothers Brick hosts a great glossary on all the LEGO terms and acronyms you’ve always wondered about
  • First LEGO League (Canada) – Introduces science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to children ages 4-14 through fun, exciting hands-on learning

LEGO Specifications

Databases, Instructions, and Other Info

  • Rebrickable – Find out which LEGO sets you can build from the sets and parts you already own.
  • Brickset – Database of LEGO products, track your collection, and read reviews.
  • Instructions – Look up instructions for LEGO sets.
  • Brick Architect – Great articles offering a unique perspective on various LEGO topics including organizing your LEGO collection. Offers LEGO Brick Labels and a LEGO Storage Guide.
  • Brick Economy – A comprehensive guide to LEGO economics, market values and trends.
  • Yoshihito Isogawa – Facebook page with helpful tips and tutorials on how to add movement to your MOCs.
  • JK Brickworks – Specialize in bringing bricks to life. The website includes instructions for various models created by JK Brickworks. There is also an associated a Facebook page with tips and tutorials and a YouTube channel.
  • Lego Art Remix – Create your own LEGO mosaic’s. Upload images, select colour palette’s and make other adjustments.
  • Bram’s Sphere Generator – Instructions on how to build different sized spheres out of LEGO.
  • L-Gage – Information resource for the LEGO® model train community.


LEGO® Sets & Merchandise

  • LEGO – LEGO Shop online is a great place to buy sets, replacement parts, bulks parts, and other LEGO related merchandise
  • Bricker King – Canadian online store that sells new and used LEGO sets, minifigures and parts (can also be found on BrickLink).
  • BrickLink – Marketplace and catalogue for genuine LEGO products
  • Brick Owl – Marketplace to buy and sell LEGO Parts, Minifigures and Sets
  • Rebrickable – Purchase instructions for MOCs created by other builders.

Custom Printed Bricks & Minifigs

LEGO® Blogs and Online Communities

  • Brick Central – Community for LEGO photographers.
  • BrickNerd – Hub for all things LEGO and the LEGO Community. Wide variety of articles from many different contributors around the world. They also have a monthly update of LEGO related contests from around the LEGO community.
  • The Brothers Brick – Blog that highlights awesome MOCs built by AFOLs from all over the world. They also feature LEGO related news and set reviews.
  • Eurobricks – Probably the largest and most active LEGO forum.
  • Minimal Bricks – An inclusive LEGO blog focussing on what AFOLs and new LEGO hobbyists can do with small sets and smaller collections.
  • New Elementary – Blog with a focus on new parts.
  • The Rambling Brick – Blog that highlights various aspects of the LEGO hobby. Based in Australia.
  • Swooshable – Collection of resources, tutorials, tools, and community news.
  • Tips & Bricks – Blog with a focus on building techniques. Their website offers free handbooks.
  • True North Bricks – Canadian LEGO blog with weekly posts about LEGO deals in Canada. Reveals and reviews also include the retail price in Canadian dollars unlike many other blogs.
  • Women’s Brick Initiative – a global group (website and social media) dedicated to inspiring girls and women to build with LEGO.

LEGO® Magazines & Podcasts

  • Bits N’ Bricks Podcast – An official LEGO® Games podcast 
  • Blocks (magazine) – Covers official LEGO sets, MOCs, and all LEGO related news. Offers a monthly technique guide.
  • HispaBrick Magazine – Coverage of the global LEGO community (offers a Spanish and English edition)